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11th November, 2015

SBR Events







Welcome to Duathlon Rockingham & Rockingham 10

We would like to welcome everyone to the 1st Duathlon Rockingham & the 2nd Rockingham 10 run organised by SBR Events Limited. Firstly we would like to thank all of the volunteers that will be giving up their time, to ensure that everyone has a fun & safe day.


Confirmation of Entry

Competitors are requested to check on the list of participants posted on the web site  (see your event - Duathlon Rockingham or Rockingham 10 & scroll down. The participant list is on the right side) to confirm that they have been successful in their application. SBR Events Limited cannot be held responsible for loss of entries in the post and strongly advises competitors to enter online if possible as this is a more secure entry system. Race entries may be included on the list even if you have withdrawn recently. Email any queries to asap.


Age Restrictions

Duathlon: BTF rules state that you must be 15 years old on December 31st of the year that you are racing in. So if you are 14 or older and your birthday is on December 31st you are OK to race.

R10: We are not placing a restriction on the age running the 10k or the 10 mile stages, we just need an email from a parent or guardian stating the young person is fit enough to compete.


What Will You Need?

The race is being run at the end of the second week of November which, despite our current warm spell, will end soon and we advise that you bring a range of sporting garments in case the weather changes unexpectedly on the day. Rockingham Circuit has the tendency to have a wind blowing from one corner, so we recommend that you bring warm garments to don once you have completed the race.


Directions to Rockingham Circuit

Rockingham Circuit is approximately 36 miles to the west of Peterborough, 27 miles to the east of Leicester and 25 miles north of Northampton. The circuit is identified with brown road signs enroute to the circuit.



Best Western Rockingham Forest Hotel, Rockingham Road, Corby, NN17 1AE are offering a discount for us on Saturday the 14th charging £65 for a double room and £55 for a single. Call 01536 401348 to make your reservation quoting ‘Rockingham Speedway’.


Car Parking -  is free of charge.

All parking for the event is split - 10 mile participants will follow signs & park on the left after entering the venue. They will then walk into the stadium following the yellow signs. Duathlon & 10k participants will follow signs to the  Inner Paddock, an area inside the track accessible via a tunnel which goes under the stadia. Once you arrive at the inner paddock the Duathlon participants need to park on the right hand side of the paddock, away from the garages. Athletes on 10k need to park closer to the garages on the left hand side of the paddock.


Race Registration – Times (Sunday)

Duathlon 07:50 – 08:45

R10 11:00 – 12:15

Once you are inside the stadium, stand to face the main grandstand, the garages will be straight in front of you and head to the very left. Race Registration is in garage 34/33. Please bring photographic ID & your BTF card, if you are on the Duathlon, R10 runners do not require ID. From here you can pick up your race number/timing chip and leave any baggage -NB the baggage area is not secure, please do not leave any valuable belongings. You will have time to familiarise yourself with the course and head out to the start line. 


Race Briefings at the start line (transition closes at 08:45)

Duathlon 08:50

R10 12:20

If you are unsure about anything please attend. The Race Briefings will inform you of any last minute route changes and safety points. If you have any questions or queries on race day, please ask them after Race Briefing. 


Race Start

All 3 races are mass starts, with the following start times:

Duathlon  09:00

10k       12:30

10mile  12:40


Penalties & Appeals for Duathlon Rockingham

ALL penalties issued by the British Triathlon Race Referee will be displayed on a Penalty Board at the Timing Tent. Appeals against these penalties must be made in writing to the race referee within one hour of a penalty being notified and be accompanied by a fee of £15.00 refundable if the appeal is upheld. It is your responsibility to check this Penalty Board.

BTF race rules can be found here:


NB: Duathlon Rockingham is a NON DRAFT LEGAL race. Athletes are not permitted to draft other cyclists, full rules can be read on the BTF rule book link, we will have the BTF rule posters in place. TT bikes and aero bars are permitted for this event.




Electronic Timing – by JC Race Solutions

Providing fast and accurate results is the most critical part of any race. JC Race Solutions use the latest timing system chips. Each athlete is given a “chip” that generates a unique signal when it crosses through an antenna field. By using a database to assign each participant’s personal information to each chip, timing software can easily calculate each participant’s time and finish place.

To maximise the success of getting your time there are a few things required:

a) Wear the chip!

b) When attached to the strap wear it just above your LEFT ankle with the chip arrow pointing upwards. Our antenna fields will be positioned about this height, if you wear it anywhere else it may not be read.

Electronically capturing each finishers time allows us to continuously post preliminary provisional results on-site during the race in a number of ways.

On most occasions we will have provisional results the same day on our website -

At the moment these Triathlon chips are re-usable and as such need to be handed back at the finish of the race or before, if you have to retire early.  You will incur a charge of £10 if you fail to hand it in.


Race Numbers

Duathlon  - 2 sets                   R10 - 1 set

Race Numbers must be worn on the front during the run and on the reverse during the bike. Numbers must be pinned at all four corners. Number belts/ bands are allowed but it is recommended that two be worn. One number band for the top of the number & one number band for the bottom to stop your number creasing up and becoming unreadable.

NB. You don’t need to bring safety pins, we will have some at registration.


The Run – 10 k

The start line is on Turn 1 of the circuit. The first part of your run is a 106m run clockwise around the track to the 10k turn point where you turn 180degrees and run the track in an anti-clockwise direction. You will complete 2 circuits of the track. On your second visit into the pit lanes you will head to the finish line and complete the race.


The Run – 10 mile

The start line is on Turn 1 of the circuit, at the same point as the 10k. The first part of your run is a 400m run clockwise around the track to the 10 mile turn point where you turn 180degrees and run the track in an anti-clockwise direction. You will complete 3 circuits of the track. On your third visit into the pit lanes you will head to the finish line and complete the race.

Water stations are in place at 3 points on the course.


Course Distance

Course distance has been officially measured at 10k and 10 miles by MCAA.


Course Reconnaissance

Is only permissible on Sunday morning, access is not possible prior to Sunday 15th November. Detailed maps are listed below.


Medical Cover

The safety of our competitors is paramount. Onsite during the event will be Meditech, a specialist company set up to supply the highest calibre of comprehensive medical cover to sporting events such as this. On the day there will be a small team of medics plus an Accident and Emergency ambulance equipped to NHS standard, with manual defibrillator / cardiac monitors, ventilators, and pulse oximetry. If before, during or after the event you feel that you require any type of medical care, please do not hesitate to contact an event marshal.


Medical Conditions

We request that all competitors write their next of kin & contact details on the back of their race numbers using a waterproof pen. If you have any type of medical condition or are taking any type of medication please write a large ‘MC’ on the bottom left of your race number. Please write your medical condition fully on the back of your number also. This will only be used in the event of you being involved in an accident.


Race Photography

Paul Holtom Photography will be at the event taking images of you racing. These are available to view and purchase after the event. A separate link will be sent detailing this.


Sports Therapist post-race massage.

To help loosen your muscles after your race, you can book in for a post-race massage. Please speak with our therapist after you have registered. Nick Allbury and Alex Laszlo will be in place to stretch you out! Please bring cash for this service –which will be donated to charity after expenses.


Winning Categories - The Presentation will take place within 20 minutes of the winners finishing. Please be in attendance to collect your prize.

There will be trophies for the following:


Fastest Women  & Fastest Man

R10 both 10k and 10 mile

Fastest Women & Fastest Man

Fastest Woman (Veteran 35+) & Fastest Man (Veteran 40+)



Times will be available via a print out at the JC Race Solutions tent next to the finish. Provisional results will be available to view on the Monday following the event latest  - usually race day evening.



If you wish to withdraw from the event, then please advise via email of your intention. Please note that under no circumstances will any refunds be issued for withdrawals from SBR Events races.


Race Office Closure

The SBR Events Limited office will be closed from Friday 13th November at 5pm. Please do not leave messages or send emails regarding this event, as we will be on site setting up for the event. If you desperately want to chat about anything race wise, Amanda can be reached on 07850572838. Please call if you know of anyone that could marshal!


Race Volunteers – Please Help

No event like this can run smoothly without the help of many marshals. If you have friends or family that will be supporting you at the event, please ask them if they would be willing to give up a few hours to help out. All marshals will receive hot food & drink plus a £20 voucher towards a 2016 SBR Events race. If you know someone that could help please email You do not require any previous experience or knowledge on event marshalling to become a race marshal; any training required will be given on race day.


Other SBR Events Limited Events

SBR Events Limited will be organising a number of other multi-sport and running events in 2017. For more information about SBR Events Limited and our events please visit and join our newsletter mail out list.


COURSE MAPS  - are not viewable here but you can see them on website events page & on RACE INFO document emailed out to participants


It takes a great amount of work to organise an event such as this. Special thanks go to our Team of Officials that help to organise all of our events, Rockingham Circuit staff for their support and energy, volunteer marshals plus all of our athletes for entering.


Further Information

Any questions related to the event can be answered by emailing


All the information here is believed to be true at the time  of writing