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Terms & Conditions

SBR Events TERMS and CONDITIONS 2022/2023



“The Event Organiser” means SBR Events Ltd

“Event” means an activity or race organised by The Event Organiser

“Participants” means all people booked onto an Event

“Adult” means male or female Participant aged 15 years and over

“Child” means male or female Participant aged under 15 years old

“Team” means a group of 2 or 3 Participants who enter the race as a relay under a Team name. ie. Team of 3 - One Participant completes 1 leg each -  swim, cycle and run. Ie. Team of 2 -  One Participant may swim and run)

“Leg” means a section of a race ie swim, bike or run

“Website” means

“Email address” means ‘’

 “Event date” means the actual date the Event will be held

“Image” means photography and video taken at the Event

“Partners” means suppliers, sponsors, charities, venues, and contractors working with The Event Organiser on an Event


1: Conditions of entry

1:1 By entering any Event all Participants agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy (last amended May 2018)

1:2 All Team members agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy (last amended May 2018)

1:3 We rely on accurate information to be given at time of entry, especially as an Event may be physically demanding. Failure to include all information could result in termination of your entry.

1.4: The swapping of entries between Participants is strictly forbidden as the information provided regarding the Participant, at the time of entry, may contain incorrect medical information and emergency contact information.  It also affects the results by gender & age group placements.


2: Confirmation of entry

2:1 You will be sent a confirmation email from the online payment system when you have booked onto an Event


3: Participant withdrawal

3:1 Any Participant who wishes to withdraw from an Event must send an email to The Event Organiser AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EVENT DATE detailing their reason for withdrawal.

3:2 If the Participant does not get a response within 5 working days the Participant should contact The Event Organiser immediately on 07850 572838 to verify the receipt of their request to withdraw. It is the responsibility of the Participant to ensure that their request has been received.

3:3 Any Participant who notifies The Event Organiser by email of their wish to withdraw later than 2 weeks prior to Event date, and any Participants who do not attend the Event will not receive any form of discount code.

3:4 Any Participant who withdraws from an Event prior to the withdrawal date will receive a discount code in line with the withdrawal policy outlined in section 4.


4. Withdrawal policy

4:1 All Participants who inform The Event Organiser by email of their wish to withdraw from an Event at least two weeks prior to the Event date will receive a race discount code to the value of 50% of the original entry fee. Please note that race discount codes are not transferable between Participants. Discount codes issued are valid for all events within 12 months from the date of the original event (including that same event on the following year) but will need to be processed within a specified time frame issued with the discount code.


5: Race information

5:1 All race information for each Event are emailed to Participants and published on the Website

5:2 It is the responsibility of Participants to ensure that they have read all the information relating to their Event.

5:3 Where changes to an Event are made within one week of the Event taking place, we will send out information by email to all Participants. It will also be put on our Website and through social media at Facebook and Twitter


6. Registration

6:1 Details of race registration times relating to a specific Event will be posted on the Website on relevant Event pages & is detailed on the Race Information.

6:2 All Participants are required to attend registration within the times specified.

6:3 Participants who do not attend registration within these times will not be allowed to race, and will lose their right to a place in the Event.

6:4 It is the responsibility of Participants to ensure they have checked times of registration for their Event.


7: Photography / Videos

7:1 The Event Organiser has the right to use Images taken by their contracted photographers and employees at the Event without informing or recompense to Participants.

7:2 These Images can be used for promotional purposes by The Event Organiser and their Partners, which will cover a range of possible uses including advertising, press and media, printed documents, social media, editorial coverage and any other promotion directly related to the business and any Event of The Event Organiser and their Partners.

7:3 The Event Organiser may use drones for aerial photography and videos. The Participant acknowledges that the drones may fly within 30m of the Participant before during or after the Event. The Participant authorises the use of these Images & Videos by The Event Organiser and any Partners by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.


8: Trophies and Prizes

8:1 Trophies and /or prizes  may be given to Participants at an Event

8:2 The Event Organiser has the right to change a trophy or prize without prior notice to Participants

8:3 Trophies or prizes at each Event will be awarded in age categories as outlined on individual Event race information and will be given to qualifying Participants at the end of each Event.

8:4 In cases where Participants are unable to stay at the end of an Event, The Event Organiser will forward the trophy or prize to the Participant & will politely request a fee towards postage & packaging.


9: Completion of online and on the day entry form

9:1 All Participants must fill out all relevant sections and not give false information.

9:2 If a Participant chooses to book onto an Event as an affiliated member to either the British Triathlon Federation or to a UKA affiliated running club when they are not an affiliated member The Event Organiser reserve the right to remove the Participant from the entry system without giving a refund.


10: Event Changes

10:1 The Event Organiser has the right to change any Event for any reason without prior notice.  

10:2 This may be done primarily but not exclusively in the interests of Participants safety. 10:3 This change may happen up to 30 minutes before the Event starts.

10:4 These changes will be announced at the Participants race briefing prior to Event start.


11: Event cancelation

11:1 The Event Organiser has the right to cancel or postpone the Event for any reason at any time prior to the Event and the Participant will not be issued with any refund or discount code.

11:2 This includes reasons beyond the control of The Event Organiser, including but not limited to any 'Acts of God' due to unforeseen, naturally occurring events that were unavoidable including adverse weather conditions.

11:3 This includes an Event being postponed or cancelled due to other reasons beyond the control of The Event Organiser including but not limited to any ‘Force Majeure’ such as road closures, bomb threats, pandemic or any other unforeseen circumstances.

11:4 The Event Organiser will try to reschedule the Event & keep Participants informed regularly. If rescheduling the race is not possible the Participant will not be able to transfer to another Event


12: Right of refusal for entry

12:1 Any Participant may be refused entry to an Event or have their entry revoked by The Event Organiser.