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8th May, 2015


                                            SBR Events – SKEGNESS TRIATHLON 2015





Please note that all athletes will be required to show some form of photographic identification


Welcome to the inaugural Skegness Sprint Triathlon

We would like to welcome everyone to the 1st Skegness Sprint Triathlon organised by SBR Events Limited, with the assistance of the Fresh fitness, Richmond Holiday Centre and East Lindsey District Council.



Confirmation of Entry

Competitors are requested to check on the list of entries posted on the web site to confirm that they are on the participants list.



BTF Race Rules

You are recommended to familiarise yourself with the British Triathlon rules and regulations. Under these rules it is mandatory that all competitors must wear an approved cycle helmet, that all cycles must be in a road worthy condition and that all competitors are insured by third party civil liability insurance – British Triathlon Members are insured as part of their membership package, and all other competitors will be required to purchase a Day Licence-this is supplied as part of your £41 entry fee. If you require further information about Race Rules, please visit or telephone the British Triathlon Federation on 01509 226161.



Calf Guards:

We have been asked to highlight that BTF Rule 9.1 states “competitors shall use no aids other than caps, goggles, nose clip and costume.” It has been deemed that Calf Guards are not allowed to be worn in a non-wetsuit swim. You will be asked to remove them prior to the swim if you are wearing any; if you refuse we have been advised that you will be disqualified.



BTF Licences

All athletes MUST produce their race licences at registration. If you forget your licence, or you have not paid the BTF levy due with your application, you will have to pay £5 for a BTF day licence at registration.



What Will You Need?

As this event attracts all types of athletes, from complete novices to international standard athletes, you will see bikes worth from £25 to £5000. Some people wear tri suits & regular running clothes. There are certain items which you will need: a swimming costume or swimming trunks, (swimming goggles are also highly recommended but not compulsory), a road worthy bike, a quality cycling helmet: these are available from a variety of sports retailers prices start from around £30.

All other items such as elastic laces, specific triathlon clothing and tri-bars are not a necessity but will help you on the day.





Fresh Fitness (Sports Centre) is found at Richmond Holiday Centre off Richmond Drive in Skegness. PE25 3TQ

Skegness is located approximately:

Lincoln 42 miles-1 hour 10minutes

Sleaford 40 miles- 1 hour

Louth 23 miles-36 minutes

Grimsby 39 miles- 1 hour




For local information including accommodation please look here:

Please use the link to Richmond Holiday Centre or call them on 01754 762097

for 30% discount on accommodation depending on availability.


Car Parking

Please Note: There is parking for athletes at the venue but spectators will need to park on William Way PE25 3PL (a 5 min walk). The parking is free.



Race Registration

Sunday 07:15 – 9:00am

The registration area will be in the Registration Room at the Richmond Holiday Park;

Please ensure that before registering you know your race number. This can be found either from the competitors entries list on our race website or on the board by the registration area. First you must visit the ‘BTF Day Licence Desk’. If you have applied for a BTF Day Licence when entering, this will be issued to you at this point. If you did not apply for a BTF Day Licence, then you will be required to show your 2015 British Triathlon Federation Race Licence. If you are unable to do this, for any reason, then you will be required to purchase one for £5 before being allowed to register. There will be NO exceptions to this ruling. If you have a 2015 British Triathlon Federation Race Licence, please bring it with you. Please note that all athletes will be required to show some form of photographic identification if you do not have a 2015 British Triathlon Federation Race Licence. This is to stop people exchanging entries & ensures that all competitors are insured to compete in the event.

You will be presented with a large brown envelope showing your race number. Contained within will be 2 Tyvek race numbers and 1 frame sticker. You are given 2 Tyvek race numbers as you need to wear 1 on your front for the run, and 1 on the reverse for the bike-if you use a race belt you need only attach one to this belt. You will also be given a Tyvek wristband; you need this and a race number to put your bike into transition. Please keep these safe, without them you will be refused entry into the transition area. Next collect your Timing Chip; this is attached to your left ankle with the chip facing outwards. Do not lose your Timing Chip as you will need it to race.


Transition Area

The Transition Area is situated on the grassed area to the left of the pool next to the children’s play area. This is a fully secured area for competitors only, it is where you will keep your bike during the swim and run sections. To get into the Transition Area you must show your race number at ALL times, apart from when you exit the swim going into the bike. You will also be asked to show both your race number & bike frame number when taking your bike out at the end of the race. This is for your security. Please understand this will cause queues during peak times, but it is for your benefit. The Transition Area will not close during the event, so please understand that if you are not racing that you will be asked to make a clear way for racing competitors.

It is important that you understand all of the entrance and exit points of the transition before you start. There are also specific points where you must mount and dismount your bike. An important rule that must be adhered to: ‘competitors are required to fasten their helmet before touching their cycle in the transition area.’



The Team Event

Only one person is required to register for the whole team, but will be required to show ALL of the 2015 BTF Race Licences or they will need to pay £5 per person if they are not registered with the BTF. All relay team tags will take place by the team’s bike racking position, inside the transition area. The swimmer will finish their swim, exit through the fire doors and then run to tag their team cyclist inside the transition area. The cyclist’s bike must stay racked until the swimmer has tagged the cyclist. When the team cyclist finishes, he/she must re-rack their bike before tagging the team runner. All tagging will take place by passing the Timing Chip to the next team member.



Race Briefings – 07:45 & 08:45

These will take place at the transition area. If you are unsure about anything please attend. The Race Briefings will inform you of any last minute route changes and safety points. If you have any questions or queries on race day, please ask them after Race Briefing.



Race Start 08:00

The first wave of competitors will start at 08:00, the timekeeper will start 5 swimmers at 4-minute intervals. It is expected that the last competitor will start at approx. 9.24am. Please ensure that you arrive at the pool area 5-10 minutes before your wave start time.



Race Timing by JC Race Solutions
Providing fast and accurate results is the most critical part of any race. Each athlete is given a “chip” that generates a unique signal when it crosses through an antenna field. By using a database to assign each participant’s personal information to each chip, timing software can easily calculate each participant’s time and finish place.

To maximise the success of getting your time there are a few things required:
a) Wear the chip!
b) When attached to the strap wear it just above your LEFT ankle (i.e. on the opposite side to the chain wheel) with the chip pointing away from your leg. Our antenna fields will be positioned about this height, if you wear it anywhere else it may not be read.
*If you have worn your chip correctly we will have a time for you. On most occasions we will have full provisional results immediately after the event:

  • Participant List & Online Results will be available here.
  • A print-out of your Result will be available at the Timing tent as soon as you finish - just come over and enter your Runner's number.
  • A Finisher's certificate will be emailed out to you when the Results have been ratified if you provided a mobile telephone number.
  • Providing there is a reasonable GPRS signal then your provisional result will be texted to you shortly after you finish.

****Please return your chip back**** at the finish line especially if you have to retire early. Unfortunately due to the high cost of the chip we need to charge you £10 if you fail to hand it in.


Race Numbers

Race Numbers must be worn on the back during the bike & the front during the run. Numbers must be pinned at all four corners, failure to display your number correctly could result in a time penalty. Number bands are allowed but it is recommended that two be worn. One number band for the top of the number & one number band for the bottom to stop your number creasing up and becoming unreadable.

NB. We will have safety pins at registration.




The Swim – 400 Metres (16 Lengths)

The swim will take place in the 25 metre indoor heated pool at Fresh Fitness, Richmond Holiday Centre. Swim 16 lengths – 400 meters, you cannot walk along the bottom of the pool. Please arrive on poolside approx. 10 minutes before your start time. The timekeeper will start waves of 5 swimmers every 4 minutes between 8:00am and 9.24am. Your start time will be worked out from your estimated swim time that you fill in on your entry form. By doing this it is hoped that you will be with competitors of a similar standard during the swim section. There will be other competitors in the same lane during the race, it is the responsibility of the faster swimmer to overtake, but also remember that it is much easier to swim behind someone. It is your responsibility to count your own 16 lengths. There will be a marshal on poolside to randomly check that competitors are swimming 16 lengths. You will be supplied with either a latex or silicon swim hat, which is optional, wearing one helps the marshal ensure you get into the pool on the correct wave. If you wish to get changed for the bike and run section after the swim, you may either use the swimming pool changing rooms or change inside the transition area - nudity is not allowed.

Please Note: Competitors only allowed on the poolside. There is a separate viewing area for non-competitors.



The Bike – 19KM

From the swim, exit through the side door at the top end of the pool, you will then run straight into the transition area via our mesh funnel. The surface is all grass. Before you start, you will need to set up your transition - all the kit you require during the race. This will include your cycling helmet, a bike in road worthy condition, shoes for cycling and running, your race numbers plus any clothes you wish to put on after the swim. Your bike frame sticker should be applied to your bike along the top tube or stem close to your handlebars, before you enter transition. All of the roads that we use for the cycle section are open to the public; please adhere to all rules of the Highway Code, including 30 MPH speed limits. Please note that you are not allowed to take pace from other competitors during the cycle section, this means that you are not allowed to ride closer than 7 metres to another rider unless overtaking. You only have 15 seconds to overtake another competitor. When you reach the end of the bike section, dismount your bike at the appropriate point, re-rack your bike back into your original racking position and then take your helmet off.



Foot Down Policy

On the bike course we have 3 corners that emerge from roads via a T-junction onto roads with potential traffic coming from both the left and right directions. After consulting with Traffic Management companies it was agreed that placing traffic management to aid the egress from these junctions would impede an athlete’s ingress into the junction going in the opposite direction. This would have an adverse effect on the natural flow of the event and would cause an unfair advantage to some athletes.

Therefore at 3 junctions, marked on the map, EVERYONE MUST STOP & PLACE A FOOT DOWN ON THE FLOOR AND OBSERVE THE HIGHWAY RULES ON EMERGING FROM THE JUNCTION. Failure to adhere to this request by travelling through ANY of these junctions without stopping and placing a foot down, you will be disqualified. Marshals are present at each of these junctions to monitor this policy. This policy is in place for your safety and the protection of motorists already using the highway. We are working with Highways Personnel & they will be inspecting the course on Sunday.



The Run – 5KM

On leaving the transition area, follow the race marshal’s directions onto the run course in the same direction you went on the bike. On leaving the grass turn right onto the private road. The run course is fully marked with signage, we have also placed marshals at a water station at the entrance to the Coastal Eco Centre. The route uses a mixture of tarmac, trail, track & grass. Please be aware that there might be occasional vehicles on the road as there is residential house on here & access to the Eco Centre. You need to run up the private road to the Eco Centre, around a fully signed trail run, back to the Holiday Park & then repeat for second loop.





Course Reconnaissance

The bike and run course will be set up from Saturday.


Medical Cover

The safety of our competitors is paramount. Onsite during the event will be UKEMS, on the day there will be a team of medics and paramedics plus an Accident and Emergency ambulance equipped to NHS standard, with manual defibrillator / cardiac monitors, ventilators, and pulse oximetry. If before, during or after the event you feel that you require any type of medical care, please do not hesitate to contact an event marshal.


Medical Conditions

We request that all competitors write their next of kin & contact details on the back of their race numbers using a waterproof pen. If you have any type of medical condition or are taking any type of medication please write a large ‘MC’ on the bottom left of your race number. Please write your medical condition fully on the back of your number also. This will only be used in the event of you being involved in an accident.



There will be trophies in the following age categories:

-Fastest Woman

-Fastest Man

The Presentation will take place at approximately 11.30pm or within 30 minutes of the last competitor finishing. Please be in attendance to collect your prize. Trophies will not be sent out after the event, if you are not present.


Penalties & Appeals

ALL penalties issued by the British Triathlon Race Referee will be displayed on a Penalty Board at the Timing Tent. Appeals against these penalties must be made in writing to the race referee within one hour of a penalty being notified and be accompanied by a fee of £15.00 refundable if the appeal is upheld. It is your responsibility to check this Penalty Board.



Times will be displayed in the timing tent next to the finish with a print-out available, text results (depending on GPRS signal) & provisional results will be available online immediately.  FINAL results will be available to download on from the Monday following the event.

If you have worn your chip correctly we will have a time for you. On most occasions we will have full provisional results immediately after the event:

  • Participant List & Online Results will be available here.
  • A print-out of your Result will be available at the Timing tent as soon as you finish - just come over and enter your Runner's number.
  • A Finisher's certificate will be emailed out to you when the Results have been ratified.
  • Providing there is a reasonable GPRS signal then your provisional result will be texted to you shortly after you finish if.



Race Village

If you are from a running club, athletics association or triathlon club please bring your team flags with you & a marshal will display it in the Race Village Arena so we can see where the running community have come from.


At the Race Village in Richmond Holiday Park you will find a room for registration, secure baggage holding area, sports therapist, plus toilets, food /refreshments from the café /restaurant at Richmond Holiday Park & first aiders/ambulance.

There will be 2 water stations at the course. 1 is at Coastal Eco Centre & 1 at the finish line but please feel free to bring your own isotonic drinks, energy bars or gels if you prefer. Please ensure you don't drop any litter & take your rubbish home with you to preserve the environment & the wildlife on this course.

Please bring some cash if you would like to get a pre or post-race recovery massage. Sara Smalley (Tel number 07737664337) has excellent experience & will be providing offering Bowen Therapy for nominal fee of £5 – with a proportion going to Marie Curie Cancer Charity after their costs. She will be offering a post-race massage to flush through any tired legs or stiff backs or arms, based in the Registration room after you’re finished.


Please take a look at who will be onsite on race day with special race day prices for their wonderful new product & have provided prizes for fastest man & woman.

“Triathlonbox is a new triathlon transition box, innovative, Patent pending, British way to reduce stress on the day of your triathlon.  Through the sleek design and compartmentalisation, everything you need is where you need it, exactly when you need it.  From leaving your home, through to entry into the water and post-race recovery, Triathlonbox is there to help you to be at your best on race day.”


There will be a triathlon themed clothing range available on the day designed by SBR Events.

Tech T-shirts - £12 & hoodies - £20 at reduced race day prices. You can pick up garments for cash on the day or place an order & pay by BACS.



If you wish to withdraw from the event, then please follow the guidelines contained within our ‘Terms & Conditions of Entry’. Please note that under no circumstances will any race credits be issued without following these guidelines. No race credits will be issued to those withdrawing after the withdrawal date of Friday 8th May. Please note that you are not allowed to give your entry away, all competitors will be asked to show some form of photographic identification before they are allowed to register.


Race Office Closure

The SBR Events Limited office will be closed from Friday 08th May at 3pm. Please do not leave messages or send emails regarding this event, as we will be on site setting up for the event.


Race Volunteers – Please Help

No event like this can run smoothly without the help of many marshals. If you have friends or family that will be supporting you at the event, why not ask them if they would be willing to give up a couple of hours to help marshal in the future. All marshals will receive hot food & drink upon arrival, a goody bag with more food and drink and a race voucher giving £20 off a future SBR Events event. If you would like further information about becoming a race marshal please email giving your name/email/mobile. You do not require any previous experience or knowledge on triathlon to become a race marshal; any training required will be given on race day.




Other SBR Events Limited Events

SBR Events Limited will be organising a number of other multi-sport and running events throughout 2015. For more information about SBR Events Limited and our events please visit



It takes a great amount of work to organise an event such as this. Special thanks go to our Team of Officials that help to organise all of our events: Fresh Fitness & Richmond holiday Centre staff for their support and energy, East Lindsey District Council for allowing the event to take place, plus all of our athletes for entering.


Further Information

Any questions related to the event can be answered by emailing or to 12pm Friday 8th May. Other queries will be dealt with on race day.

All the information here is believed to be true at the time of going to press. Changes may be required ensuring that the event is organised safely and within the law, these changes will be made without notification. The organiser has the final decision.